Conservation Programs


Resource Conservation and Rangeland Development Loan Program (RCRDP) - The Conservation Commission invites landowners to apply for low-interest loans to install conservation measures on private property.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) – The Conservation Commission leads state efforts on CREP, a federal program which offers financial incentives to landowners to reduce ground water consumption in the Snake River Plain Aquifer by taking marginal farm ground out of production.

Planning & Delivery

Water Quality - Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) plan implementation, Antidegradation Plans (Five Year Plans) and Ground Water Quality Programs - All of these plans/programs are designed to improve water quality in surface and ground water that have been impacted by agricultural runoff.

Idaho OnePlan - Create a Conservation Plan online for your farm/ranch property.

By statute, the Conservation Commission is responsible to provide the following programs, but currently, they are not active or funded:

  • Water Quality Program for Agriculture (WQPA) - Idaho Code: §22-2734; IDAPA 02.05.03
  • Conservation Improvement Grants - Idaho Code: §22-2733
  • Carbon Sequestration – Idaho Code: §22-5201, et. seq.
  • Idaho Ag Pollution Abatement Plan - Idaho Code: §39-3601; IDAPA 02.03.01; IDAPA 02.05.02
    Federal: Clean Water Act (PL 92-500, §208)
  • Watershed Improvement District Formation and Dissolution -  Idaho Code: §42-3701, et. seq.